HYDALAM™ – laser pin mailer

Hydalam the latest development in information security systems.

The versatility of Hydalam™ means that confidential messages can be personalized onto a sheet by laser printers - either singularly or in volume. Hydalam™ does not rely upon specialized in-house equipment, is not locked into limiting formats and does not rely upon complicated or costly processes to use. Hydalam™ is a tested, effective tamper-evident system. Hydalam™ solutions are simple, convenient and cost effective.

The patented construction of Hydalam™ involves the customer peeling back a panel of the sheet to reveal the confidential information. It is impossible to restore the product back to a state where interference is not immediately obvious. This feature assures the customer that the message is either secure or that it has been tampered with.

The surface of the message area is a material that has been developed for excellent toner adhesion, is non-glare so the message cannot be read by holding it to different light angles and has a slitted surface so that it can be used only once. The message panel is sealed but is easily released. All properties of this product have proven that it is also durable enough to run through the normal handling processes of lasering, folding, insertion and mailing. Sealing fluids have been strictly controlled to ensure that Hydalam™ will not contaminate printers on long runs.

Hydalam™ can be formatted to virtually any size and incorporate pre-printed graphics, ready to store for use on a daily basis or dispatched in a single promotion.

How it works

Ideal for:

  • PINs
  • Access codes
  • Passwords
  • Memos
  • Confidential documents
  • Pay advices
  • Sweepstakes
  • Access for interactive promotions